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We are a group of experienced and qualified teachers in the sciences of the Quran,
 Islamic Studies, Arabic, Qiraat and Tajweed.

Here you will find everything you need to help you on your journey of learning.

We are based in Oxford and very much geared towards online learning using Zoom, Skype and similar tools and therefore have the ability to teach anyone at any location globally.  
We also have the option to tutor local students in person.

You are never too late to gain knowledge. We hope you find what you are looking at DAIO.

We are pleased to launch the Madinah Arabic Course for Beginners on 17th September 2022. There will be a  WhatsApp group setup to allow discussion, Q&A, tips, share resources and support to all students. 

Here is a wonderful opportunity to gain foundations of Arabic with Grammer using the well respected Madinah book series. We will be using Zoom and record all sessions. 

Please note the time for each class is 6pm to7pm UK time.


40 Hadith Al Arbaeen An Nawwiyah

Hadith reading (Maqra) | Part 1

Hadith reading (Maqra) | Part 2

Premium Travel Prayer Mat

Despite being a travel prayer mat, high quality is preserved. This stylish bag has a zip pocket that can fit essential items such as a Quran, tasbih, keys or your mobile phone.

Not only is the design beautiful and unique, but it is soft and comfortable to pray on. The prayer mat is padded sufficiently to allow for a good salah experience.

Who We Are

A group of highly qualified and experienced teachers in the sciences of Quran, Qiraat & Tajweed, Islam and Arabic.

We have a dedicated team experienced in tutoring Academic subjects from Primary level to Secondary level (GCSE).

We offer exclusive events catering for the public ranging from Islamic sciences to current affairs such as Daura e Quran etc,

We also run a Sisters Islamic QA group on WhatsApp answering queries related to the modern challenges, theology and beyond.

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